The Union Helped Me Fight and Win Against Austal


I have been a journeyman pipefitter in the shipbuilding industry for 28 years. I worked in Final Assembly at Austal for six years responsible for testing and preparing the ship pipe systems including the main propulsion, gray water and hydraulic.

On September 17, after working ten hours through both my lunch and break to get the system ready for Navy inspection, I left my work area three minutes before shift end to go to the bathroom. On Monday, September 23, Austal fired me for doing this – but not before the system I had been working on passed inspection.

After all I’ve given to Austal, they fought my unemployment benefits. I had to get help from the union to fight for this and we won. That is why I filmed this video. I think it’s important for the workers at Austal to have union representation. At Austal, if you go in and sit with them (to discuss a problem) it’s you against 3 or 4 of them. You can’t win by yourself.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your local Metal Trades office at 251.434.8254 or visit our website www.austalworkers.com.


Jimmy Hill

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